I’m no longer taking head shots.
If you're looking for a great head shot photographer, I strongly recommend Pamela Bob:

Pamela Bob

Acting Headshots


Terrific acting headshots must have three qualities. They should accurately show what you look like on a great day. They should capture a unique and interesting aspect of your personality. And they should be engaging, creative and original photographs. Without all of these characteristics, a headshot is ineffective.

My session is split between my natural light studio and various outdoor locations. Natural light is a very honest, beautiful light. You will look like a real person- this is extremely important to agents and casting directors. They usually request natural light photographs because they're tired of meeting actors who don't look anything like their headshots. And when used properly, it is the most flattering light as well, so you will look your best. After all, there's no reason a headshot can't be a beautiful portrait.

Photographers who only shoot in a studio or at one specific location are trapped by their own surroundings. Given few options, they will take similar photographs every day, and your unique appeal will be lost in the pile. But using several locations for every shoot allows me to create a variety of compelling images that are unique to you. Since my background is in acting and photojournalism, I believe in a very natural, candid approach to headshots. Just as I'm not interested in artificial lighting, I have no interest in artificial posing either. I want to capture a spontaneous moment in your life, when there's a real spark in your eyes and a genuine expression on your face. Your greatest asset as a performer is your individuality. So all you have to do is show up. I'll take care of the rest.

Although I have photographed people all over New York City, my location of choice is Ft. Tryon Park. Just twenty minutes from midtown, it's the park in northern Manhattan near the Cloisters Museum. The park and its surrounding area have space, beauty, variety and privacy. There's nowhere better for outdoor photography. If you’d prefer to be inside, my studio has natural light, plenty of space, good music and great coffee.

Ft Tryon Park