I’m no longer taking head shots.
If you're looking for a great head shot photographer, I strongly recommend Pamela Bob:

Pamela Bob



"Jordan's work is so specific. He understands what makes a good headshot. I trust him implicitly, and people get in the door!"

Real clients describe the process. I didn't pay them a dime to say any of this, just amped them up on espresso and fed them truth serum.

Actor Headshots

What makes great actor headshots? Here I list the three most important qualities.

Actor Headshots
Before & After: Comparing Professional Headshots

This gallery shows how a different approach to professional headshots can drastically change the result.

Before & After

Anna Louise Herzog summarized the day perfectly: "Just be prepared to say yes to anything."

Corporate Headshots

Think of how much emphasis you’ve placed on your marketing strategy. Your headshot is the face of that strategy.

Corporate Headshots
Kids Headshots

This gallery features anyone who can't legally drive, from babies to teens.

Kids Headshots

Curious about the headshot process but don't have time for an in person consultation? This video will take you in my studio and on a shoot.

Headshots NY (testimonials from NYC headshots clients)

Written and video testimonials from agents, casting directors and clients. Basically, this is where everyone tells you how great I am :)

Headshot Advice: Choosing A Photographer

I’ve been shooting headshots for years, and before that I was an actor. Here is some headshot advice to consider when you're selecting a photographer.

Choosing A Photographer