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Hudson, born 12/29/05 Salish, born 11/29/09 Weighing Salish after home birth holding his sister brother and sister Hudson, Indiana Salish, Cape Cod Hudson, Cape Cod Sag Harbor, NY Hayden Airport, CO
Lauren and Hudson after birth Lauren and Salish, 6 months Salish, 6 months Hudson, 10 months Salish, 9 months Easter, 2011 Spring, 2012 Hudson, 3 years Hudson, 1 year Salish, 1 year
Salish, 16 months Hudson, 16 months Salish, Steamboat, CO Hudson, Joe Coffee, NYC Salish, Princeton, NJ Salish, NYC Jersey Shore Hudson, Open Mike Night, NY Alaska Holland America Cruise
NYC Baltimore, MD NYC Primary Day The Morning After happy anniversary Jet Blue Frequent Flyer T-Ball, 2011 NYC East Hampton, NY NYC
Monterey Aquarium, CA Palisades, NY Prince Edward Island, Canada NYC Lauren and Kaylie, Rhode Island PEI, Canada PEI, Canada Monterey, CA Monterey, CA Palisades, NY
NYC Steamboat Springs, CO Steamboat Springs, CO Steamboat Springs, CO, 2006 Steamboat Springs, CO, 2011 NYC cape cod Holland America Cruise Jersey Shore Kennebunkport, ME
Hudson, Lauren and Salish Hudson, Lauren and Jordan

Thank you for looking at my family photos. This is just a wee bit one-sided towards our son at the moment. He does have a four-year head start on our daughter, so it may take me a while to even it up.